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This is “working” without receiving anything, but I was wrong.

Hi, my name is Luís Almeida, I’m 18 years old and I’m Portuguese.

I’m here to talk about my experience in volunteering.

It all started when I was in 11th grade and one of my catechists invited me to be part of a volunteering group. I said yes and went to my first meeting with the group and since that meeting my life has been different. This volunteering group “works” with a sister’s community and some of our activities are helping the sisters in same works. One of the main activities we have is donating some cloths to help the families in need. Being around sisters most of the time is good because I learn so much from their life experience and I can learn how to get a better relationship with God; so I started going to the volunteering meetings. This is a way to continue my religious life around people I admire and keep teaching me. This is “school of life” and after my mom and dad it’s one of the best ways to learn about “how to live life with God”. I think I couldn’t be in a better place.

31. Luis-Portugal - Voluntariado num Lar de idosos

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Dominican Young Adults visiting Bethany House

On Monday August 21st the members of the DYA chapter of Molloy College planned and orchestrated a BBQ at Bethany House. Founded by sister Aimee Koonman, Bethany House is shelter for women and children that was created to help to alleviate the problem of homelessness on Long Island for women and children. Bethany is more than just a shelter, between their three houses they can support up to 75 women and children every night, but it is what they do inside of that house if what makes Bethany so special.

32. Bethany House DYA service project 056

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I am not searching for knowledge, I am searching for God!


I once, driven by a desire to convert an atheist, began a conversation on the existence of God. He was of my height and age, and a student in one of our tertiary institution. I rolled down all the Thomistic arguments “successfully”. He commented that, “I think if you are to make a better apologist you ought to read St Anselm’s too” that really got me thinking.

Recollecting the signs of the times

From the look of things, as things are, we are faced with one reality in today's world, that all men seem learned, that is if they are not. As young people we search for purpose and fulfillment in various things and in various ways. Nature compels us to find our true selves and to live up to our dreams. Failure to achieve such things leads us to desperation, pessimism and sheer disillusionment.it is during this time of our life that we ask ourselves the most, “what is my purpose in life?”

36. I need God 1

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Dominican Young Adults Molloy Chapter in El Salvador

For the past 3 years, members of the Dominican Young Adult Molloy Chapter have travelled to the small  village of Sol Naciente in El Salvador and have assisted Sister Flor de Maria Buruca in running a camp for the children in this area.  

This Molloy Chapter of DYA is located in the United States in Rockville Center, New York. 

Sister Flor de Maria is a Dominican Sister of Amityville.  In the late 1980’s, she came to the United States.  For many years before becoming a sister, Sister Flor de Maria worked in retail and was able to acquire her working visa.  Since entering the Dominican Sisters of Amityville, Sister Flor de Maria has completed a Master Degree in Theology and is certified in Pastoral Care.  Some of Sister Flor de Maria’s family continues to live in El Salvador in La Union and San Salvador.   Besides visiting her family, Sister Flor de Maria, began over 10 years ago, a ministry in Sol Naciente where she responded to the needs of the people.

05. Service in el salvador Sister Diane Capuano Amityville 2

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Hello, May name is Irene, I am 50 years old I invite you to hear a "brutal" music: Hasta luego, Maître Gimes

The true is that I also grew up in a neighborhood more or less so difficult, but we were /are  good neighbors and good friends. In my area there are many Catholics, but few goes to the Mass; In my family, we are all baptized, but only I go to the Church. I grew up in the Faith with The Missionaries of the Holy Spirit, with the Youth Without Borders group; with the teams of Youth of Our Lady; with the Neocatechumenal Way, I participated in several Missionaries Weeks and in some World Youth Encounters (4). I fell in love with Jesus and wanted to Bring the Gospel of Joy to the whole world.

04. Day Feast of our father St Dominic 2017 2

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Collection of Mission Testimonies in Nigeria

This is a collection of mission activities carried out in the various unit groups in Nigeria. Each page represents a unit group’s mission project. Please note, most of the facilities do not allow pictures to be taken with the inmates/children.

34. Mission Nigeria 1

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VTS // Voluntariado Teresa de Saldanha

(Irmãs Dominicanas de Santa Catarina de Sena) - Portugal

VTS “Voluntariado Teresa de Saldanha” has been part of my life since 2016. Normally, when a person joins the group is because someone invites him/her. In my case, I made myself invited and asked the volunteers if I could start participating in their meetings. I admit, it was a little bit of a crazy decision! I was already committed with other groups and had responsibilities but when I participated in a weekend in Fátima, Saint Catherine of Siena’s Dominican Sisters jubilee, I could not ignore the joy. Teresa de Saldanha used to say “There is no greater joy than being entirely of God”. And I really felt it. That joy of living their lives as a gift, of being for the others, that congregates everyone: sisters, priests, volunteers, friends as a family. That joy that comes from Jesus.

22. Dominismissio Ana - Portugal- Jubileu da Fundadora

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