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Fr. Enrique & Sr Ginevra Maria
Or rather... of the two secretaries: the previous one, Fr. Enrique, and the new one, Sr Ginevra Maria, who are sending you their hearty wishes for the feast of St Dominic. We met last month because we wanted to be together to launch this new stage of IDYM. And this meeting was made possible thanks to the warm welcome of the dominican sisters of Annunciata, in Oviedo (Spain). What better frame for sharing our thoughts on this movement than the Announciation? After all, the announcing of the Good New is the mission itself of IDYM.

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Dear Fr. Bruno,
On behalf of  the International Dominican Youth Movement, I send to you a warm greeting.  The group is delighted to give his contribution to the life and the mission of the Order with his own color:  young, international... and moving!  Again, “Tanti Auguri” and see you soon in Santa Sabina!  
Thank you wholeheartedly! I look forward to meeting you all soon. I count on yours prayers and assure you are in mine.
Your Brother
F. Bruno

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