Receive a warm greeting on behalf of the IDYM International Commission and all those who with great effort are preparing the International Meeting and the Assembly of Representatives of Toulouse 2016.

Soon we will start our international meeting with 800 years of reasons to celebrate. This will be a very special moment for the Dominican Youth Movement which was inspired by the footsteps of our father Saint Dominic. We will celebrate our history that looks to the future of our evangelizing mission.

We know you have many questions about the meeting. For this reason, we want to reiterate the necessary information previously disseminated.

IDYM International Meeting and Assembly

The International Meeting (16 to 21 July) will take place in important places in the history of Saint Dominic and the origin of the Order in France. Together, we will visit significant places like the home of Peter Seila in Toulouse and the monastery of nuns in Prouilhe. Consideing these activities, the accommodation, transportation and food are already included in the registration fees.

Program activities Of the International Meeting and Assembly per day

  • July 16: Day of arrival / Opening Mass (Toulouse)
  • July 17: Day of mission (preaching in Toulouse)
  • July 18: Visit Fanjeaux and Prouilhe (Fanjeaux overnight stay)
  • July 19: Pilgrimage walk from Fanjeaux to Montreal (approx 12km) and visit to Carcassonne / Return to Toulouse
  • July 20: Visit to Jacobins / Presentation of countries / Cultural Night (Toulouse)
  • July 21: Day of departure for the Meeting participants (Toulouse)
  • July 21 to 23: IDYM Assembly (Toulouse)
  • July 24: Departure day for the Assembly participants (Toulouse)

Throughout the meeting, there will be time for the presentation of Movements of different countries, as well as various cultural expressions. Throughout the month of May we will send a letter to the countries and their participants with the practical information and what you need to prepare.

Our International Assembly (21 to 23 July) in which only registered head representatives from each country are required, will be held in Toulouse in the "familial Foyer d'Etudiant-e-s" from the dominican sisters, a place where the participants will also be accommodated. Other participants who are not part of the Assembly can stay in the same accommodation full board (for 17 € / day) until the 24th, which is the final day for everyone.

We recall that the total cost is € 180 per person and includes all expenses for accommodation, meals, travel, tickets and translators during the meeting. It also includes the costs for all representatives participating in the Assembly, so does not lead to an additional cost.

Participation is open to all members of the Dominican Youth Movement of 18 years or above. Youth Groups or Movements of Dominican Charism or near to it are also invited. Two representatives per country, province or movement (depending on each case) that is part of IDYM are officially invited in the Assembly. Representatives of countries that are not IDYM members can also apply for participation in the Assembly as observers.

An important clarification is in relation to health insurance. The Organization IDYM Toulouse International Meeting 2016 has not considered the cost of health insurance enrollment but takes into consideration the provision of first aid in case of emergency. It is true that no documents and registation were required for such insurance since it is not deemed mandatory for the trip; however, we believe and we recommend for you to avail of a travel insurance to cover your stay in France to avoid any inconvenience in your travel. Otherwise, you must pay personally for all the costs of any unforeseen and unfavorable incidents that you could encounter.

Below is the link to the final registration form. It should be filled an application entry per person with all the required data. Registration is open until June 12 or until slots remain available.

Go to the Inscription Form

We hope that this becomes a truly enriching experience of encounter among young people, but most especially an experience with Christ in the likeness of Dominic. See you in Toulouse !!

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