In Valencia (Spain), an evening event was held on Friday, June 10, in order to sensitize on the situation that Syrian refugees are living. It was a remarkable initiative promoted by Dalit, a group from the MJD of Valencia, joined by the group Endavant, the Royal Convent of Preachers from Valencia and the Diocesan Secretariat for immigrants and refugees of the Archbishopric.


As Marita (on behalf of IDYM) and Olbier (from the Archbishopric) exposed at the beginning of the evening, the main idea was to raise awareness about the difficult circumstances that the refugees are suffering and it invited the participants to stand in solidarity with them. It was simply about creating an environment to empathize with them, “open our doors” to them and help them in what we can.

The place chosen for this celebration was the basilica of Cirilo Amorós from which altar we could listen to different testimonies from people that had somehow suffered in first person the harshness of feeling an outsider in a country due to a civil war. Therefore, in first place, Luis Carmona participated and shared his experience in a refugee camp and tried to explain the origins of the mobility problems and long dangerous roots organized by the mafia that the refugees had to follow to arrive to countries like ours.


The most emotional moment of the evening was caused by to young men of Palestinian origin, Gabi and Joseph, that are currently living in Valencia. They explained the difficulties they had faced and suffered as refugees. Above all, and this is what shocked me the most, they highlighted that the hardest thing was accepting the fact of being forced to leave their comfortable lives in their countries to travel through a difficult path to reach Valencia, all combined to the handicap of an unknown language.

After the testimonies, to close the event and going on with a prayerful and reflective atmosphere, we read the parable of the Good Samaritan and a text that invited to empathy and solidarity with the others. The texts, along with a final song, ended this first part in which the quiet and respectful environment were remarkable.


The second part consisted of a charity dinner focused on the fundraising to help refugee families with the housing rents and study scholarships. Thanks to regular collaborators such as Horno Casaní and to new ones which support this solidarity projects, such as San Miguel or Belros, we had a nice time to share and talk about what we had lived in the previous moments at the Basilica.


The outcome of the dinner was successful: we managed to gather more than 3800€ that will fully be donated to Cáritas Diocesana so that they can go on with they support to this people that need it.


We take this opportunity to thank all the participants that came Friday evening and to those who, one way or another, helped so that everything went as planned. I am well aware that a great work and effort was made in the preparation and I believe we should be proud to have contributed to, as the evening final song said, not staying indifferent to injustice.

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