XII IDYM International Meeting Toulouse - 2016

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Toulouse is the land where a new voice began to announce the Gospel. Today, 800 years later, this same land has received more than 130 young Dominicans from Asia, Africa, America and Europe, to celebrate the Dominican Jubilee together, in the eighth centenary after the canonical approval of the Order of Preachers, founded by Saint Dominic of Guzmán in this region.

"Here we were born and our vocation takes here a special sense" with these words, fr Rui Lopes promoter of the Dominican Laity, received participants of the XII Meeting of the International Dominican Youth Movement (IDYM).

"Young Dominicans sent to preach the Gospel" was the motto that accompanied the IDYM meeting from July 16 to 21. Fr Rui remembered in the welcoming Eucharist that preaching is not giving speeches or lectures, but preaching is to love and to lead others to happiness, it is to love the world and its people, and that Dominican preaching is born primarily from contemplation.

During the meeting, young people visited Fanjeaux and Prouilhe, the cradle of the Holy Preaching, it was an opportunity to be in the foundations of St. Dominic, they prayed there and shared with the Dominican nuns, listening to their experiences of living in the place where it all began. From Fanjeaux, they made pilgrimage to Montreal, and passing through Carcassonne, they returned to Toulouse.

On the study day, the Master of the Order, fr Bruno Cadoré, greeted the participants via Skype from the General Chapter of Bologna (Italy), he reminded them, that young people are not only passive agents, but protagonists in the mission of preaching.

On the last day they reflected about the history of the Order “yesterday and today”, and visited Peter Seila’s house in Toulouse, home of the first community of friars. Then they journeyed to the Convent of the Jacobins, where the first chapter room of the Order is located, and talked about Dominican democracy. Later, they celebrated Sunday Mass in the same church where the relics of St. Thomas Aquinas are located.

These days were filled with the Dominican charism, which enabled the international youth community to strengthen their ties of brotherhood. The cultures, languages and traditions were no longer obstacles. They celebrated together with a cultural night including performances from each country. This gave closure to the IDYM XII Meeting.

Humberto Rico (IDYM Venezuela)

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