Chieri and Turin, 1st-3rd December 2017

First weekend of December: here we are, having a reunion in Chieri because of the second annual meeting of the Dominican Youth from North of Italy. We came there from different cities as Turin, Bologna, La Spezia, Udine, Milan and Bozen, challenging a cold and snowing weather all around the Piedmont region!

During our Saturday morning together, F.Raffaele Rizzello from the Convent placed in Turin itself, introduced us to two different topics as Conscience and Prudence extracted by some texts written by Saint Tommaso d’Aquino: Conscience, as applicable knowledge to our single day-by-day actions, requires a precise guide and right judgement from the Prudence as a virtue; so it means, in turn, that Prudence cannot exist if the human being is not used to live a life based on moral virtues which are so important in order to resist to all the distracting passions. 

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Following this first frontal lesson, we had the chance to have a meeting within ourselves in order to have a discussion and a better understanding of how could we make what we had just learnt real and practical into our lives: by having a talk together, we honestly realized how difficult is to have an upright fully formed Conscience by being aware of real episodes of invincible ignorance over ethical values that we actually and often take for granted.

In the afternoon, after a pleasant lunch with the Chieri’s Friar Community, we went to Turin and we visited the Cathedral where we meted in front of the Holy Shroud, closed by the beatified Pier Giorgio Frassati’s tomb. F. Massimo Mancini, once we then arrived to the gothic St. Dominic Church where time ago  there was another convent of the Preacher Order, told us about some Dominican figures of the Piedmont area, including Pier Giorgio Frassati and Giuseppe Girotti, both signed by a fully charity devotion. In fact, Frassati was a Dominican tertiary who spent his short life to the poor people and seeks of his city; Girotti, as well, was a Dominican friar and a well-known biblicist. In the 1945, he passed away into Dachau’s Concentration Camp, where he was deported because of the help he gave to Jewish people and political persecuted ones. They were both proclaimed blessed by the Catholic Church.

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After having attended the Holy Mass in St. Dominic Church followed by a walk around the city centre, although we went through few unforeseen, we finally came back to Chieri’s Convent.  Our evening has been pleasant and relaxing by having kept ourselves busy with table football matches, good glasses of wine and a very good talk about the Dominican youth venture. 

The day following, we woke up early and we recited the Morning Prayer together with the friars. Thanks to them, we had the opportunity to have a deep liturgical experience got into its authentic meaning of communitarian pray, and not lived only as a personal moment. 

Later than this, we left Chieri to get to “Madonna delle Rose” Convent in Turin, where F.Rizzello guided us into the Provincial Library of the Order, a place full of cultural and spiritual precious books. The day ended up with a heart-felt Sunday Holy Mass to the adjacent parish church, during which we had been introduced to the period of Advent.  After lunch, taken place into the oratory rooms during which we celebrated F. Davide Pedone’s birthday, we greeted ourselves looking forward to meeting ourselves soon.

This one was the first youth provincial meeting I brought part to: I am happy to say that I experienced  a deep peaceful and sharing atmosphere between ourselves, I totally appreciated friars hospitality who made us feel well-accepted as part of their own community. A warm thanks also goes to F. Mancini and F. Pedone for their support during this faithful itinerary, and it also goes to the Turin’s youth group who contributed to the organization of the entire week-end.    

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