IDYM is a way to follow Christ! We want to preach with the Dominican Order, that means to announce the Gospel where we are and particularly to other youth. We do so relying on the example of St Dominic and his first friars.
St Thomas summed up in a few words St Dominic’s intuition:
 “Contemplari et contemplata aliis tradere” [pass on to others what we ourselves have contemplated]. Dominican preaching consists in several features :

    Ecclesial preaching.
We are sent by the Church and we preach in the name of the Church.

     Itinerant preaching.
 St Dominic preached everywhere: in streets, in churches, in inns, along the roads…Dominican preaching is not linked with a particular place.
So it requires great freedom and ability to move. We can be preachers everywhere: in our homes, in universities, at work, in our parishes, in our associations…

            Universal preaching.
Our passion for the Gospel urges us to announce it to all, without distinctions and by all means at our disposal especially technical ones.

             Preaching through the word and the concrete example we give (Verbo et exemplo)
 “Today men need more testimonies than masters” said Pope Paul VI. We try to practice always more faithfully what we announce. What we let people see is actually the first evidence we offer to those we meet.
Compassionate preaching
Dominic cried when thinking of the souls that had only the Cathars’ proposals to quench their thirst for truth and when he thought of thousands of others who never had heard the good news. His love and compassion for them launche him on roads to try and make them discover Christ’s true features: the same impulse leads us to our contemporaries. No distress whatever, spiritual, moral or material left Dominic indifferent. They tell that deeply moved by the misery of Palencia inhabitants, he sold his books so necessary for his studies: he gave the money he had collected to the poor and his example incited other clerics to do the same. Like him, we wish to serve our brothers, with a special care for the weakest and the most suffering among them. Our preaching is committed with justice and peace.

Our preaching is based on three pillars: fraternal life, prayer, study.

Fraternal life
For Dominic fraternal life is the fountainhead and the best preaching of all: the first convents were called “preaching houses”. In our IDYM groups we too are united in fraternal communion.
Though not living together as Dominican brothers and sisters, nevertheless we lead a true fraternal life. We share our faith, our questionings, our doubts, our hopes. 
We aren’t a small isolated island closed on itself: international meetings offered by IDYM widen our horizons. We feel we are full members of the great Dominican family. Together with the brothers, the cloistered nuns, the sisters and lay members of the Third Order we are preachers. Finally, as Christians and baptized we are the sons and daughters of the Church, called to be , where we are, the different members of the same unique Body.

Prayer life

Dominic always prayed . Jordan of Saxony, one of his biographers, notes with amazement
that he “consumed his days and nights tirelessly dedicating himself to prayer.”
The more his contact with humanity widened, the more his dialogue with God became urging: the more his dialogue with God deepened the more intense his contact with humanity grew. Prayer is where we draw the strength to set off for the mission.
Prayer is the necessary condition for our inner transformation. In our daily life we seek to give the first place to Christ. Among our many activities and tasks, we have at heart to keep time for God, for silence to let Him work in us. With other members of Dominican youth we share moments of prayer, particularly with the celebration of the Eucharist.
The Order of preachers has always been deeply devoted to the Virgin Mary. The tradition says Dominic received the rosary from Mary’ hands. We love to commit ourselves to the protection of the Mother of God, particularly through praying and meditating the rosary.


The 1220 Constitutions assert that studying “enables us to be useful to our neighbour’s soul” ( Prologue, 1220). Full of love for God’s Word we try to let it transform us. 
We read it, we meditate on it, we study it, personally and in groups. Dominican Youth provides us with an intellectual and spiritual formation, that enables us to deepen our knowledge, specially in theology and Dominican spirituality.
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