What is the difference between a tramp and a pilgrim? And which report with a Dominican?

Interviewed by IDYM, brother Felicissimo Martinez, Spanish Dominican, whom you know certainly, evokes with us the theme of the touring. The Dominican a tramp? The tramp, the free man, without obstacle, it can be the dream of many young people and maybe young Dominicans. And nevertheless … Then rather a pilgrim? But in fact, what difference? Thus listen to Felicissimo himself if you want to deepen your Dominican itinerant being (and your Spanish at the same time!)



Brother Louis-Marie ARIÑO-DURAND, o.p. (Province of Toulouse, France) is general promoter of the Rosary since November, 2007. He speaks us about the prayer of the Rosary. 

As we all know, at the beginning of the year, we take some good resolutions. We all know too, that good resolutions last a few hours, a few days perhaps…and rarely a few months! Are you going to give up while the year has just begun? Of course not! Here’s a resolution for the new year 2011: take up your rosary!

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