After the Opening Mass of the Jubilee presided over by the Master of the Order, fr Bruno Cadore, the following day (Sunday, 8 November), the Dominican family gathered again at St Peter’s Square to pray the Angelus with Pope Francis.

From the window of the Apostolic Palace, the Holy Father first gave a short reflection based on the Gospel reading of the day (Mk 12:38-44), then he led the Angelus in Latin after which he gave his blessing. After the blessing he paid special tributes to certain groups at the square and saved the best for last. The final tribute went to the members of the Order of Preachers.

In his own words,

“I greet the representatives of the Order of Preachers (Dominicans) who, yesterday, commenced the eight centenary of their foundation, that the Lord may bless them abundantly on this occasion.  And many thanks for all you do in and for the Church.”

At these words, there was a loud shout of joy from the crowd, mostly from the Dominicans in the crowd. With these words, our joy was complete. The celebration of the opening of the Jubilee was brought to its fulfilment for those present.

The Jubilee year has been launched not only in Santa Sabina but all over the Dominican world. There are already series of activities lined up throughout the year both at local and international levels. At the end of the Jubilee year, it is the hope of the Order that Pope Francis will celebrate the Closing Mass of the Jubilee on the 21st of January 2017.