The IDYM of Spain has been organising working holidays in Granada for 20 years. They are meant for people who feel the need to spend their summer in a different way.

Have you ever feel the need to spend your summer in a different way? If you are tired of the usual holidays, there’s a place where you can do something special.

In this working holiday you’ll have the chance to volunteer during 2 weeks while you also meet a lot of people and have time to deepen your faith.

From Monday to Friday morning, we divide into different groups and go to different places where some help is needed: hospitals, day centres, associations… In the afternoons, we’ll have either a workshop where we study or discuss about what worries us, as christians, or a leisure or touristic activity.

This 14 days are very intense in different ways, because while you end up physically tired you will also find full of new energy. You will have the opportunity to meet a lot of new people with your same interests that will become very important for you as you have shared deep and meaningful experiences together. 

It is probably something different you can do in your holidays, but it is definitely something lifechanging. 

Vivir la fe es dar la fe from Santi Vedrí on Vimeo.

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